Effective Date: 13 September, 2018
Terms of Service and Privacy Policy
Please read the following (draft) terms carefully. You will be taken to have accepted all the terms of the Agreement once you complete the registration process for a Faceu account.
Faceu, a new camera application that can be installed on a smartphone, provides registered users with a novel and relaxing photo-taking and communication service experience. The features offered by Faceu include, but are limited to, mobile-based real-time video and image processing services, interactive services, and the ability to make posts that will disappear after a specific period of time. Faceu strictly abides by the relevant regulations of the Regulation on Internet Information Service of the People's Republic of China, and the regulation provides detailed explanation for the issues that arise over the course of the use of the application, and of our privacy policy.

I. Product user base

Users have to be aged 12 or older to use the product. If you are aged between 12 and 17, we would need your parent or guardian to review and accept all the terms of this Agreement.
We do not have any other limitations on who can use our application.
However, when you are using our services, we understand that you will abide by the laws and regulations of the country/countries and region(s) that you are in.

II. Scope of service and agreement on data storage

2.1. Users are allowed to upload data such as text, images, videos, and real-time videos through mobile phones. We will provide processing services for such data, as well as embellishment, storage, transmission, and feedback services. When the data has been uploaded to Faceu's servers, we will regard that you have granted the copyright to such data to us on a permanent basis. We shall also have the right to store, inspect, analyze, transmit, and display such data.
2.2. We shall ensure, as far as our technological capabilities allow, that the data you uploaded will be transmitted using the function specified and displayed to a single or multiple users specified, and that such data will not be stolen by others. Situations that are beyond our technological capabilities include, but are not limited to: when users use other image-taking or video-taking equipment to record the content being shown, or users use cracked mobile phone to steal information.
2.3. We shall continue to improve on, and update, our knowledge in the area of mobile information technology, and shall -- as much as possible -- disclose to the user when the information he or she has posted has been recorded in some form by the recipient. We shall also try to prevent the continued spread of the recorded material within the app.
2.4 Facial feature information
(1) When you use the ARkit sticker function, we might use the TrueDepth API of the terminal device to capture your facial feature information in order to optimize the experience and the presentation effect, and such information will only be used for the sticker rendering effect. We will not send such information back to our server, nor store any of such information, nor use such information for any other purpose or provide to any third party except for the purpose specified herein.
(2) When you choose to “join our user experience improvement program”, we will collect the facial feature information of the portraits in the photos you have taken for data analysis, so that we can optimize the beautifying function of the camera and improve your user experience. We promise that the collection of such facial feature information is not for the purpose of identifying your personal identity; nevertheless, we understand that the aforesaid information is sensitive personal information, and your refusal to provide such information will not affect your normal use of other functions of “Faceu” app and relevant service. In addition, you may switch off relevant function at any time.
2.5. In compliance with Article 14 of the Regulation on Internet Information Service of the People's Republic of China, we shall retain information uploaded by the user for 60 days for security purposes. We shall also provide the information to the corresponding state agencies in accordance with the law when requested to do so. However, we will not disclose user-uploaded information to other users outside of the functional description insofar as our technological capabilities allow.

III. Content forbidden on the Faceu platform

3.1. Users shall not create, copy, post, or transmit the following types of information or content on Faceu:
(i) Information that is in violation of the basic principles as established by the Constitution;
(ii) Information that endangers the security of the country, discloses state secrets, subverts state power, or undermines the unity of the country;
(iii) Information that damages the honor or interests of the country;
(iv) Information that incites ethnic hatred, racial discrimination, and undermines national unity;
(v) Information that undermines the state's religious policies, and promotes cults and superstitious beliefs;
(vi) Information that contains rumors, disrupts the social order, and undermines social stability;
(vii) Information that contains obscene or pornographic, gambling, violence, murder, terror content, or which otherwise incites criminal acts;
(viii) Information that is in libel or slander of others, or which otherwise harms the legal rights of others;
(ix) Information that is not compliant with the "Seven Bottom Lines" in the following areas: legal and regulatory, the system of socialism, the national interest, citizens' legal rights, social order, morality, and the veracity of information;
(x) Information that contains other kinds of content that is forbidden by laws or administrative regulations.
3.2. Users shall not use his or her Faceu account or this service to create, upload, copy, post, or broadcast the following types of content that would interfere with the normal operations of Faceu, as well as violate the legal rights of other users or third parties:
(i) Information that contains sexual or sexually suggestive content;
(ii) Information that contains any insulting, intimidatory, or threatening content;
(iii) Information that contains harassment information, spams, malicious information or decoy information;
(iv) Information containing the privacy and personal information of others;
(v) Information that harms the legal rights of others, such as one's reputation, image rights, intellectual property rights, and trade secrets of others;
(vi) Information that interferes with the normal operation of this service and violates the legal rights of other users or third parties.

IV. Rights of the account operator

4.1. All rights to the Faceu account are the property of Lianmeng Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. (hereafter: "Lianmeng Technology"). The user merely receives the right to use the account after completing the account registration process. The right to use the account may only be held by the initial registrant. It is forbidden to gift, lend or borrow, lease, transfer, or buy/sell such rights. Lianmeng Technology shall have the right to recall user's Faceu account for operational reasons.
4.2. The user may edit or delete personal information, registered information, or transmitted content associated with the Faceu account. However, please note that the text and images stored in the system will be deleted at the same time as the corresponding information is deleted. The user must bear the risks associated with such a deletion.
4.3. The user is responsible for ensuring the security of the information associated with, and password to, the account registered. The user shall bear all responsibilities in the event that the account is hijacked or the password is stolen due to poor management by the user. The user must bear the legal responsibilities for the behavior logged under the account registered and the password. The user agrees not to use the accounts or passwords of other users under all circumstances. The user agrees to notify Lianmeng Technology immediately if he or she suspects that his or her account or password is being used by another person.
4.4. The user shall abide by the terms of this Agreement, and use the service in a correct and appropriate manner. In the event that the user is in violation of any term of this Agreement, Lianmeng Technology shall have the right to suspend or terminate service to the Faceu account of the offending user following notification to the user. At the same time, Lianmeng Technology retains the right to recall the Faceu account and username.
4.5. In the event that the user fails to login to his or her Faceu account following one year of inactivity, Lianmeng Technology shall have the right to recall the account following notification to the user to prevent resource wastage. All negative consequences from such a development shall be borne by the user.

V. Legal responsibilities

5.1. In the event that Lianmeng Technology discovers, is notified by others, or receives a complaint that the user is in violation of the terms of this Agreement, Lianmeng Technology shall have the right to inspect or delete the content under complaint without prior notification to the user, including but not limited to user information and chat logs; Lianmeng Technology shall also have the right to, depending on the severity of case, to impose various penalties on the offending account, including but not limited to warnings, account banning, equipment bans, limited functionality and to inform the user of the outcome of the case.
5.2. Users who have been banned for violating the User Agreement may lodge an appeal with the Faceu team by email to support@faceu.com. Lianmeng Technology shall review the appeal and determine if any changes to the penalty should be made.
5.3. The user understands and agrees that Lianmeng Technology shall have the right to impose penalties based on its determination of whether there has been any behavior by the user that has violated the corresponding laws or regulations or the terms of this Agreement. The user also understands and agrees that Lianmeng Technology shall have the right to take legal action against any user found to be in violation of the corresponding laws and regulations, and to hand over information on file to the corresponding agencies in accordance with the law and regulatory requirements. The user shall bear all legal responsibilities arising as a result.
5.4. The user understands and agrees that in the event that there is any demand for compensation, demand, or losses (including reasonable amounts of legal fees) incurred as a result of the user's violation of the terms of this Agreement, the user shall compensate Lianmeng Technology and its partners and related companies so that these parties are not harmed by the user's actions.

VI. Other matters

The (draft) terms of this User Agreement will be improved over time, with changes and improvements made over the course of software testing and external release. We will take the initiative to invite you to review the (draft) terms.